Our Bikes

Lothian Motorcycle Training has a wide range of motorcycles which can be hired for training. If you enrol on an LMT training course all the insurance costs for our motorcycles are included in the price of the course. We can provide advanced motorcycle training using the customers own motorcycle.

We have a range of motorcycles suitable for learners, with engine capacities up to 125cc (14.6bhp, 11kW) for those who wish to complete a CBT course or A1 Licence. 

Our learner legal motorcycles are the New Benelli TNT 125's. These bikes are very user friendly,  easy to handle and control, and make excellent machines for our CBT and learner courses. We also have 125cc and 50cc Twist and go scooters/mopeds for those who wish to complete the CBT on an automatic machine.

Riders must be at least 17 years old to ride the 125cc machines,  the 50cc scooters are suitable for those aged 16 or over. 

For those embarking on our 'Direct Access' A2 course, we use the New Kawasaki Z400. Riders must be aged 19 or over to ride these machines.

 For those who wish to complete the 'Direct Access' A (Unrestricted) course, we use the full powered version of the Suzuki SV650 (78bhp). Riders must be at least 24 years old, or have held a restricted licence (A2) for at least 2 years to ride these machines. 

All of our motorcycles are fully maintained to a high standard, and are usually replaced every 1-2 years. This ensures that our students are learning on the most modern and up to date machines. 

Our instructor bikes are fully equipped with radio systems allowing students to follow direct instructions while on the road.