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Our Bikes

Lothian Motorcycle Training has a wide range of motorcycles which can be hired for training. If you enrol on an LMT training course all insurance costs for our motorcycles are included in the price of the course.

We have a range of motorcycles suitable for learners with engine capacities up to 125cc (14.6bhp, 11kW) and for those embarking on our 'Direct Access' course we have 500cc (47bhp, 35kW) motorcycles.

All of our motorcycles are fully maintained to a high standard.

Our learner legal motorcycles are primarily AJS eco 125's which are easy to handle and control and make excellent machines for our CBT and learner courses.

At LMT all of our 125cc motorcycles are fully maintained and are provided fuelled and insured for students.

At LMT we have a range of Suzuki 500 and 650cc motorcycles for students on our Direct Access course. Many students find these bikes so easy to handle that they immediately buy one after passing their test!

LMT regularly replaces it's motorcycles every 3-5 years 

At LMT we can provide Advanced motorcycle training using the customers own motorcycle



Instructor bikes are fully equipped with radio systems allowing students to follow direct instructions while on the road.



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