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A2 (standard motorcycle)

Restricted A2 motorcycles

The restricted power of any A2 motorcycle must be at least half the unrestricted power

A sub-category A2 solo motorcycle must:

  • be at least 395cc capacity
  • have an engine power between 25kW (33 bhp) and 35kW (46.6 bhp)
  • have a power to weight ratio of no more than 0.2kW per kilogram

Restricted A2 motorcycles

Some large motorcycles can have their power restricted to fit sub-category A2. The restricted power must be at least half the unrestricted power. For example, it must be restricted to 35kW if the unrestricted power is 70kW.

You must be able to show the examiner proof of the restriction on headed notepaper from a main dealer, official importer or recognised specialist. It must show the motorcycle's registration number. A dyno test certificate will not be accepted as proof.

It must be clear what power mode any switchable engine control unit (ECU) or variable power device is set to. If you are using one of these, your motorcycle cannot have:

  • interchangeable carburrettor heads
  • an exhaust manifold restrictor
  • a hidden ECU

Proposed changes to A2 rules from 31 December 2013

From 31 December 2013 it's proposed that the rules for sub-category A2 standard motorcycles will change again. Motorcycles used from then must have an engine power between 20kW (27 bhp) and 35kW (46.6 bhp).

All the other rules will stay the same.



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