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Progressive Access Licence.

Currently a Progressive Access Licence will allow any candidate aged 17 or over to take test on a 125cc motorcycle. Once passed a Licence will be issued with a 2 year restriction to 33bhp. After the 2 year period the Licence will automatically upgrade to a Full Unrestricted Licence without any further training or testing.

The introduction of the EU Third Directive will see the removal of the automatic upgrading of the licence and will replace this with the need to take additional training and testing at any point after the 2 year restriction. This will still be classed as a Progressive Access Licence.

Please note that you will be required to progress through the licence categories. Therefore if you have taken tests on a 125cc motorcycle at 17 and obtained a 2 year restriction you must complete further tests on a 400cc motorcycle and obtain an A2 licence with a 2 year restriction before completing your final tests on a 600cc motorcycle. At each stage you will be required to complete both an On Road test and an Off Road test.

If taking the Progressive Access route it is possible to obtain a Full Unrestricted Licence before the age of 24. However this will mean that the candidate must sit and pass 6 practical tests.



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