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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) The CBT normally takes just one day to complete.
It consists of a classroom introduction to road safety followed by demonstration of the motorcycle controls. Students will practice slow riding control, emergency stops and U-turns within the safety of the LMT compound before going on the road accompanied by their instructor.

150.00 (with motorcycle & insurance supplied by LMT)

More Scottish motorcyclists are alive and well today for one simple reason, compulsory basic training (C.B.T.), it was introduced in 1990 by the government to try and reduce the number of accidents involving motorcyclists by teaching them the basic skills to drive safely on the roads ie. throttle and clutch control, steering and balance control, hazard perception, defensive driving and very importantly the correct attitude towards all road users are among the host of skills that you will learn.

Remember C.B.T. is not a test, there is no exam, it is a structured course of training and assessment carried out by D.S.A. qualified instructors who are all experienced motorcyclists and have valuable advice to pass on to learner riders. C.B.T. should not be looked upon as a formality, you must grudginly endure, take it seriously and enjoy learning safely.

In the U.K. over the last 10 years over 3000 lives have been saved thanks to training which begins with C.B.T. Today motorcycling is safer than it has ever been which proves that C.B.T. and further training have proved to be a successful road safety initiative.

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