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Courses 2018

Lothian Motorcycle Training offers four categories of training each of which are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the student.

During training all of our students abilities are monitored and recorded by our DSA qualified instructors ensuring that each student continues to progress and receives the right emphasis on their developing motorcycling skills.

Please check that you have a valid UK driving licence

Click on the course which interests your for further details.


Course Description Costs
Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) The CBT normally takes just one day to complete.
It consists of a classroom introduction to road safety followed by demonstration of the motorcycle controls. Students will practice slow riding control, emergency stops and U-turns within the safety of the LMT compound before going on the road accompanied by their instructor.

150.00 (with motorcycle & insurance supplied by LMT)


125cc Fully Inclusive

The 125cc course includes:

  • CBT (see above)
  • 14 hours of instruction
  • motorcycle hire
  • insurance
  • test (x1 Mod1 and X1 Mod 2 tests) 


Additional hours:

35.00 (125cc road training with hire of motorcycle)

Direct Access

The Direct Access course includes

  • CBT (see above)
  • 18 hours of instruction
  • motorcycle hire (125cc/650cc)
  • insurance
  • test fee (x1 Mod 1 and x1 Mod 2 tests) 


Additional hours:

40.00 (DAS road training with hire of motorcycle)

Advanced Road Training Our qualified RoSPA (Gold) instructor will provide individual tuition to students. 35.00 (per hour using your own motorcycle)


All candidates for the motorcycle test must have successfully completed a motorcycle theory and hazard perception test.

Details of requirements for the DSA test procedures will be supplied when you enrol in any of our courses. Please bring your valid driving licence when you enrol and for safety reasons wear suitable protective footwear (boots) and clothing for motorcycle riding. Crash helmets and protective gloves can be supplied at no extra cost.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation  notice without losing your fee:

Road lessons 48 hours minimum notice

CBT and all motorcycle courses 7 days minimum notice

Any lessons or courses cancelled by LMT will not result in any loss of fees.

If you have any special requirements or want to discuss any of the aspects of our training in more detail please contact us at our training centre (see the 'About Us' page).


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